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Making a music album do well is a great deal for any company. This means that it is vital to rely on many other tools and combine them with the traditional marketing methods.

Tweeting properly, giving offers and content through Twitter and Facebook and more extense content on a blog will be the main points to consider on Internet, always aware of an appropriate etiquette and what our goal is.


The most visible part of a company, and also happens with artist, is its logo, a symbol that as fast as t

Lionizing logo

Lionizing logo

he consumer sees it, relates it to the company. For Lionizing, the image chosen has been a lion, symbolizing the leadership of this animal, as well as a set different of tones of blue that give the reliability and compromise of the company.

However, we should not have a lack of concern about the Internet sphere. This is the reason why we signed on Twitter, Facebook and a blog server.  To make a good work, we listened to the suggestions many people did (we will refer to them throughout the writting) and also, we will add our own ideas.


Important artists as Bruno Mars or One Direction, both leaders in the music business, manage overall the same

Bruno Mars tweets

Bruno Mars tweets

social networks being remarkable Twitter and Facebook. First about Twitter, both post mostly pictures and occasionally videos, have dialog with their fans (One Direction chooses to do this usually through the personal twitters of the five boys while Bruno Mars uses the hash tag #AskTheDragon to answer questions) but normally the most frequent tool to have an indirect relation with fans is via retweets. Also promotion is basic in the twitter accounts (One Direction uses a more direct and aggressive strategy asking directly to buy their products but Bruno has an indirect style and just refers to his music)

One Direction Tweets

One Direction Tweets

Secondly about Facebook, the content posted there is generally speaking similar to the one in Twitter just that the facilities of Facebook give more importance to videos and pictures.


We, Lionizing, are going to focus mainly on three tools: Twitter, Facebook and a blog.


Twitter gives us a great chance to communicate and augment consumer service. Moreover, Twitter can help us to direct people´s attention to our purposes and break news faster than any other source.

How do we use it?

Twitter, as a social network, is about interacting with people. According to Chris Brogan there are three ways to interact:

1. Listen more than talk, so search with twitter. This method has many advantages, for instance, listen for our name so we know what people expect from us and learn about the trends of the industry and about our competitors (suggested by Anthony Saladino)

2. Give helpful content (as tour dates) and solve any problems consumers could have.

3. Our stuff. The reason to be on Twitter  is to attract people and share with them what we are doing so we can increase our sales, for that:

  • Share links with information to our products (this music album):
    1. Always attach a question or a little text to that link so it is more appealing
    2. Use URL shortening (tinyurl, to make managing links easier.

What we must do:

  1. Use Twitter as a poll (according to Twitter Marketing Agency). Ask for feedback that let us know what consumers think about our album and if something is not working change it in a short period of time.
  2. Own the Twitter brand (make it a verified account) to avoid brandjacking and so, to give trust to the consumers (taken from Jeremiah Owyang)
  3. Special offers and campaigns just through Twitter. People would like to follow us in order to be aware of these offers and it will build up loyalty.
  4. Promote our other presences on Internet (Facebook, Webpage, blog) and post pictures and videos because they are more appealing for Internet users.


Facebook have a very interesting structure of the layout that encourages the use of pictures and videos. However, we should realize that the most attractive features of Facebook for a company are pages and groups.

Pages allow users to become fans while groups need people to join them (some can be private). Pages, specifically, help to build a consumer net. Friends on Facebook know fan of which pages others are and can feel motivated to join them (Laura Lake). As well as on Twitter, special offers and exclusive content just available on Facebook should be posted to attract people.

These facilities also allow the administrator, Lionizing, to put up there links to the company, information and upcoming events.


In a blog is vital to give quality content because it is its main feature. Plus helpful content gives a sense of trust to the consumers that can multiple the sales. Furthermore, a good theme for a good and easy view of these posts is needed.

Now, we would like to point the attention to one of the most important facilities of WordPress (and any other blog) which are widgets:

  1. About me. We can give here information about the company and the artist. Also put some links to our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Webpage)
  2. Upcoming events. Clearly visible for people to track them
  3. Archives. A very useful way for people to find in our blog what they need.
  4. Blog stats. It has a power of attracting people compulsively. If people see that many people saw the blog, they will like to go there or stay in it and check it out (obviously is a feature to be used when the number of visits is big enough)
  5. Facebook like box and Twitter. Connecting social networks and blog is useful because we do not need to update them one by one but we can do it all together and we have an active presence in all those services.
  6. Music player. We are selling an album so its basic to show what our product is about


There are four main points that we get from following these tips:

  1. Good digital reputation as a serious, accessible, active company that gives helpful and quality information.   In other words, a very reliable company and product.
  2. Use all these social networks and communication tools to attract people.
  3. Finally, the most important point, increase our sales. We have a good product but we are in a market that is not in his best time. This is why these other tools are necessary to promote the album.


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