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To promote and increase sales, singer Bruno Mars, 27 years old, who two years ago started his way on the music business and is soon releasing his second album Unorthodox Jukebox, is very active on the internet spheres. He has a Twitter account, as well as a Facebook page, and a website. How he manages them is what we will see below.

Quick Search on Google

Quick Search on Google

Making a quick search on Google, the first page of entries give as a hint of what does the singer Bruno Mars in the Internet spheres. The most remarkable ones are Twitter, Facebook and his website which are the ones we are going to refer to in this post. Moreover, we will put attention also on his logos and personal brands.

As well as Bruno Mars, others artist realized about the great importance of communicating with anyone interested on them. Rihanna´s for instance has a Twitter account as well as a website and a Facebook page.

On Twitter she is very active tweeting twice or more a day, and posting many pictures through her Instagram account. However it is hard to find any interactions with her followers. Additionally, she does promotion of her album on her profile description but not that much on her tweets.

About her Facebook page, she has posted many pictures related mostly to additional elements of her performances, for example, her dresses. She also offers special promotions just available on Facebook (getting a remix of one of her songs for a number of people that click first on the “Like” button). Promotion of her album and merchandise is more visible on Facebook than it is on Twitter. Finally, her website offers useful information about touring and events, and also has a “shop” page to buy her products. But there is little relation with her social networks, no links to share or accesses are displayed.

Years ago, Bruno decided to get on Internet first signing in Myspace-where he barely updates anymore- and later, signing on Twitter and creating his website Facebook was the last decision he made in order to increase his presence on the online spheres.  We will start with Bruno Mars’s official website because it will give us the chance to move from there to the singer´s social networks due to the accesses that the webpage shows.

Since we are more used to managing blogs, to make a good analysis of it we will try to make a parallelism to a blog, even though we understand the differences between blogs and websites. These facilities remind to widgets also

–         There is a news wall that reminds to the way post are displayed on a blog

–         On the header a line of pages is almost identical to the one most themes on a blog have

–         On top of the website, links for social networks are displayed, and after every piece of news it appears links to share the news directly on the chosen media.

Bruno Mars Tweets

Bruno Mars Tweets

Talking about Twitter, Bruno has being more active lately. Indeed on summer, probably because of how busy he was recording the new album, weeks could go by without him tweeting. If we look further into his verified account, his last 5 tweets are:

  1. A retweet, promotion of his performance on a radio station
  2. A tweet to fans thanking their support
  3. Two tweets with pictures
  4.  A tweet on response to a Trending Topic about himself.

Generally speaking, these are the most common tweets on Bruno Mars twitter account: –         Promotion tweets about radio or television performances/interviews

–         Retweets of his band members or from the official accounts of those channels or stations  he have being promoting the new album

–         Personal tweets (shows the human side of the artist that people like to know too)

–         Anything he finds funny or funny (for instance, youtube videos)

–         Use of a hash tag to communicate with his fans (#askthedragon, also the word election is important cause “just” fans know why he uses it and links the artist and his fans)

–         Links (however, some without an explanation that attract his followers) In the last months, the average of Bruno Mars´s tweets is two or three per day (more or less as Rihanna), even though there are days he tweets more (as September 7 when he tweeted six times). Moreover, it is vital to say that his activeness on Twitter has a great influence on the other social networks since Mars has the accounts connected.

Carrying on with Facebook, Mars created his page on December 2009 and was the last one he joined. In his Facebook page we can find mainly promotion and few offers, and the tweets content. On top of the page, it is possible to see which pages Bruno likes (such as his music label or his production team pages) that can attract people to like it just because Bruno Mars does. Also, as well as in his website, Bruno Mars have an option to listen to his music which is a very good idea cause it erases the doubts of those who do not know if they would like his music.

As well as the website connects all the social networks, there is another element that connects all them: brand symbols. With the singer´s new album, his brand also changed. The fond style to draw his name is now straighter but still maintaining the red colour. Also, he has taken a gorilla, instead of the monkeys of the previous album, as his new symbol (due to one of his new songs) and an old jukebox (the album is indeed called Unorthodox Jukebox). Also Twitter and Facebook profile pictures are taken from recent photoshots.

Although Bruno Mars has not a perfect performance  on his Twitter account (take for instance  those tweets containing links that were not explained) and a kind of lack of concern on some social networks (for example, could post more offers on Faccebook or more activeness on Myspace which is a music social network) he does some good actions.

We already mentioned that Bruno Mars realized that being effective on Twitter is very important so he tweets more, and funny or personal stuff which makes following him a very attractive idea cause we get to see the human side of the artist. Also, using resources as picture social network like Twitpic or Instagram allows him to make quality tweets. Finally, the brands that refer specifically to him as the album cover, the gorilla and the jukebox, or even the font type relate to him and makes for the consumers easy to recognize his products.

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